Urban Design and Town Centre Studies
Residential and Commercial Master Planning
Development Applications, Consultation and Expert Witness Advice
Strategic Planning and Rezoning Proposals
Development Control Plans and Design Guidelines
Development Applications, Consultation and Expert Witness Advice
Development applications for local and major proposals must be prepared in an era of regulatory change. Our scope of work involves the assessment of the impacts of a proposed development in accordance with S.79C of the EP&A Act. It also extends to requests for departures to controls contained in any relevant Development Control Plan or Local Environmental Plan; and assessments of proposed residential flat buildings against the Design Principles contained in SEPP No.65 – Design Quality of Residential Flat Buildings.

Inspire can coordinate and brief consultants and prepare development proposals to ensure that applications are formulated in a correct, sensitive and confident manner.

We also recognise the need to critically review, qualify or defend development and planning proposals. We recognise that involvement in meetings, mediations and negotiations, and formal presentations to Government, Councillors and resident and other interest groups is a key element of this process. Stephen is a confident and accomplished public speaker and regularly presents at conferences and lectures. His involvement often extends to attendance as an expert witness in the NSW Land and Environment Court.

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