Urban Design and Town Centre Studies
Residential and Commercial Master Planning
Development Applications, Consultation and Expert Witness Advice
Strategic Planning and Rezoning Proposals
Development Control Plans and Design Guidelines
Strategic Planning and Rezoning Proposals

Through appropriate guidance, outstanding development, townscape and economic opportunities offered by a site or locality can be 'strategically planned and focused', rather than "frittered away" through mediocre piecemeal development. Our strategic planning studies document and identify land use and environmental opportunities and constraints and clarify critical urban design issues and priorities (e.g. streetscape, scenic or character protection) that need to be addressed.

We appreciate that our strategies for development must incorporate planning and urban design solutions and products which are innovative, yet practical, realistic and are easily implemented. As such, the way we work is clear and simple, involving step by step methods, and continuous client involvement to ensure good communications and logical decision making.

In our view this approach is paramount to all successful working relationships and the success of a project.



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