Urban Design and Town Centre Studies
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Development Applications, Consultation and Expert Witness Advice
Strategic Planning and Rezoning Proposals
Development Control Plans and Design Guidelines
Development Control Plans and Design Guidelines

    We recognise the importance of sense of place and local character. We have prepared DCPs and design guidelines for individual sites through to large master planned precincts and existing suburbs and town centres. To be successful they must:
  • Not over design or over regulate, as this may obliterate any inherent local diversity. Rather, they must put in place a planning framework which ‘knows’ at what point to intervene and on the same token, contains the flexibility to allow places to evolve;
  • Present the most appropriate implementation mechanism to manage new uses and activities (i.e. how can ultimate development be delivered?); and
  • Propose and implement plain English controls that communicate in a clear and concise manner, the intentions for development supported by appropriate sketches and illustrations where necessary.

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